Digital Technology Consulting & Transformation Services

GenZeal tech service model spans across

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Consult and Design

We help clients identify emerging areas of business opportunity and provide contextualized insights. We provide a design that’s pivoted around newer way of functioning and realizing your vision using GenZealTM framework and methods.

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Build and Bootstrap

We help you accelarate the velocity of Product / Platform creation and get it first time right with an ecosystem of Gig CxO expert community and industry leading blueprints and components.

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Sustain and Scale

GenZeal tech help you unlock the potential of using Cloud services and software components and Data for scale. We provide you with strategic insights and deep expertise that evolves over a period of time in Continous everything model for sustained value creation.

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Accelerate and Iterate

We help you accelerate your Product journey, identify newer use cases, markets and quick wins along the way in an iterative model that is fit for purpose.

Our core services model is supported by our partnerships, collaborations with the Technology community, Gig economy pool of resources and expertise which are leveraged for scale and depth.

If you (an entrepreneur) already have investors into the business, our process is complementary to your objectives and provide a valuable buffer to manage expectations on strategy and goals – we offer practical advice.

The Value Imperative

Value Creation: Design and Execute with Clarity

The velocity and variety of technology changes become a barrier to sustainable value creation at scale. We help Enterprises to harness Digital Technologies, create enduring value with speed and agility. We bring deep business-technology expertise, experience, co-create a vision and blueprint contextualized not only for your goals and expectations but also for unlocking your true potential.

Value Capture: A Hands on Approach execution

We help companies build and scale cloud-agnostic Products and Platforms. We systematically leverage industry leading software components that are battle-tested for scale and security. We augment your technology and product teams with our deep technology
expertise and design thinking.

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Value Sustenance: Services & Solutions

Ongoing Design decisions, development and commercialization of Products and platforms need to be anchored on longer-term scalability and resilience. The two key ingredients to make this happen are; 1) a proven methodology, 2) Contextualized business-technology capability spanning multiple digital disciplines. Our approach deftly combines these two key ingredients. We have an exclusive access to a community of professionals (CXO-level domain and technology specialists) who have created and delivered platforms at scale for global enterprises. They are supported by an expansive ecosystem of best-of-breed partners specializing in digital transformation.

We provide Digital advisory / Consulting services, expertise and play the role of Chief Digital Officer / Application owner / CTO / Product Manager / Market Owner etc. We also identify newer market opportunities, POC creation and collaboration with your Engineering teams to manage the product life cycle journey. We also provide landscape analysis and industry trends with clear competitive assessment and business intelligence across multiple vendor offerings .

Our Clients

Industry : Life Sciences

A European Pharma Multinational Client : Multi Cloud Migration

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Industry : Travel and Logistics

A US based Travel & Logistics Firm

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Industry : Manufacturing

A US based Manufacturing Company

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A European Pharma Multinational Client : Multi Cloud Migration

What was the challenge?

A large European Multinational Pharma company engaged GenZeal consulting team where we drove one of the complex Technology Transformation programs, working closely with in-house team of client and enterprise program management office. Collaboration was essential for a scale of this size, as we had to build internal alignment with various Application teams in managing the scale and pace of change. We created the pathways for smoother transition and to enable sustainable operations. Measurement tools and performance criteria were held to the highest standards with near zero downtime of migrated applications. Company leaders already knew digital transformation was vital to the customer experience and recognized that upskilling their staff on the latest technologies.

The challenge was bringing that vision to life while navigating complex regulatory, privacy and cybersecurity concerns. We needed to weave risk and compliance considerations into its cloud transformation plans from core design phase to deployment. With our knowledge of AWS & Google Cloud and a compliance vision we supported the Application users in this case physician- and researcher-community constantly providing innovation pivot.

Value Delivered:
  • Provided Migration from Private to a Cloud-based Container Solution across 100 plus Applications, available anytime, anywhere across Business groups.
  • Scalable to 50 K users from current 25k user base
  • Lowered deployment time to less than 15 minutes compared to 2 hours.
  • Increased revenue: enables our client to target additional customers with a more cost-friendly offering.
  • Setting up of Regulatory Compliance framework aligned to Industry best practices.
  • In house enabled Delivery model, Created Cloud CoE within the client teams with clear roles and responsibilities to enable a future operating model.

A US based Travel & Logistics Firm

What was the challenge?

The Client had multiple CX centres across central and regional across 25 cities. They were looking to lower their cost of operations, reduce time, and improve their response times. Travel and logistics firm engaged GenZeal consulting team where we performed an assessment of existing setup and recommended a Transformational plan to move to Cloud based Digital self-service setup.

Value Delivered:
  • We enabled Building of AWS based Cloud Contact centre platform and Business analysis to support businesses innovate and grow.
  • We also helped Migrating the marketing system to the cloud, from infrastructure to applications. We enabled a flexible and swift client responses for marketing workload thereby saving on Infra costs by 45% in moving to a Global Cloud. Whole operation was executed within a period of 45 days.
  • We developed a plan aligned to SRE framework for Automated and Integrated operations.

A US based Manufacturing Company

What was the Challenge?

A US based Manufacturing company having separate system for each Global manufacturing environment built on monolithic systems. The MES system provides information about Product Automation control, operation control in product line, quality etc. Client was unable to respond to rapid market changes and complexity that has increased dramatically over the years. In addition, the manufacturing innovations based on new IoT, AR/VR, Sensor technologies has been growing, client was unable to look at Digital transformation as a holistic play.

Value Delivered:
  • A phased Cloud based migration approach for MES solutions designed across multiple phases a “Lift and shift” architecture approach with simple move of existing on- premises MES software to an off-premises cloud infrastructure thereby reducing on Total cost of ownership of Infrastructure elements a savings of over $ 1.2 M over 2 year period.
  • Addition of SaaS based offerings integrated into digital representations of factories for process optimization, simulation, scenario analysis amongst other use cases.
  • The GenZeal provided scenario analysis and a plan that leveraged digital twin of operations to simulate changes to operations such as new shifts, maintenance downtime, or availability.
  • We provided with Azure aligned Cloud-based architecture enhancement, blueprints for convert monolithic architecture to Micro Service Architecture which supports independent functional units, standardized and automated CI/CD process, a PaaS-based standardized development environment supported in house and an operation aligned to Site Reliability Engineering Principles.

Providing An Agile Applications Front End Strategy Roadmap

A Global Pharmaceutical Firm

What was the Challenge ?

A Global pharmaceutical firm wanted an effective multichannel Customer Experience journeys for so that it could differentiate customer journeys via relevant, simple, trusted content and interactions, requiring Digital experiences to be built that are aligned customer needs and business goals. The Consulting engagement produced a plan that was focused on support at the global and market levels, providing context and best practices from pharma and adjacent sectors that provide effective multichannel models and strategies that are Digital-First aligned.

Value delivered
  • Developed a digital customer engagement framework to assess the end-to-end process for customer engagement.
  • We mapped client journey gaps and improvement areas identified.
  • A Digital First aligned vision and model was created and GenZeal facilitated the co-creation and co innovation workshops across multiple client management teams and validated gaps, came up with an ideation model and aligned quick wins on the prototypes and developed a long-term solutions roadmap using Adobe Cloud offerings
  • The digital customer engagement assessment enabled newer markets onboard and identified region specific focus areas on its transformation journey. The success of the framework led to the company adopting it in other key markets.

Empowering Medical care with Cloud technologies

What was the Challenge :

A US based Healthcare Provider was looking to optimise on their existing legacy environment to bring agility and scale to their Patient engagement /care systems. They were to move from an on-premises data systems for the innovative possibilities of the cloud. The healthcare provider organization wanted to be at the forefront of that shift harnessed Google Cloud to help improve patient care and engagement and enrolment systems. The challenge was to define that Cloud Journey pivoted around Healthcare Compliance model and a Digital vision while navigating complex regulatory, privacy and cybersecurity concerns. Patient health information is sensitive and highly regulated, historically making the healthcare industry more cautious than other sectors in adopting cloud technology.

Value Delivered
  • Setting up a Secure and Resilient IT Infrastructure using Google Cloud with rapid migration model done by their in-house IT teams unlocked savings to the tune of $1 M.
  • Laying the foundation for a cloud-first strategy to enable future technologies.
  • Compliance alignment with HITRUST, HIPAA, GxP Standards
  • Zero down time led migration.
  • Increased its agility and reduced its IT complexity, while accelerating innovation and product development.

Operational cost reduction and use of AI and Automation for Defect Management

What was the Challenge?

The client wanted to reduce operating costs while improving efficiency in terms of its IT and QA operational efficiencies & capabilities. Continuous process improvement using a platform-based approach while having a consistent testing process and tools in place. GenZeal developed a formal process and approach for metrics collection and reporting system as part of the project at an activity level mapping them on Human vs Automatable elements.

Value Delivered
  • Achieving rapid closure by managing defects and issues.
  • Obtaining improved project management through transparency and improved reporting systems
  • Improved Automation by 40%
  • Bug efficiency improvement and Improved sprint completion time by 20%
  • 30% reductions in costs to the tune of $ 2.2 M over 2 years.

Helping Global Insurance client manage the Complex RFP Process

What was the Challenge?

One of insurance leaders for health, property and casualty, with more than a million policies, made the decision to revamp their Application platform and modernize their Application stack. that would help expedite its digital ambitions and transform their legacy systems. Engagement was to develop a Technology and Business model and create an RFP for this complex migration process. Engagement also included analysis and comparative evaluation of the Cloud IT Services providers proposals. The client, wanted to bring clarity to its Architecture function to enable it to work more efficiently with other key teams in Business and IT and to deliver greater business benefits to the organisation. GenZeal was engaged to design and provide advice on how to take forward a new Operating Model, this was done by understanding the current issues, design goals

Global Manufacturing firm using India GCC to deliver cost reduction and innovation

Client Challenge

Challenging market conditions had led our client, a global manufacturing, CIO organisation to embark on a major cost reduction programme to protect margins. At the same time, the organisation also embarked on a series of transformation programmes aimed at improving revenue and developing innovative new digital products and services.

CIO had been tasked with reducing IT spend by 10%

  • Reduce costs by 10% in 12 months timeframe.
  • Building new capabilities required to support an ambitious digital agenda.
  • Driving the IT modernisation and realign the SAP landscape investment and standardisation of complex environment. Improved visibility to their Plant operations using Industry 4.0 journey and initiatives.
  • Supporting the transformation of the business based on new services and new sales capabilities.
  • Continuing to support major business change projects such as mergers and carve outs of business units.
Value Delivered

GenZeal was engaged to manage overall journey map creation and delivery of the cost benefits.  A complete review of SAP aligned downstream and upstream applications analysis, infrastructure, networks and supplier contracts was assessed. Over 25 smaller projects were carved out for Cost reduction initiatives. A new target operating model was developed in conjunction with the IT leadership team was established using India offshore teams supplementing on additional capabilities. The investments in new capabilities were offset by existing Cost take out models and alignment of core IT functions across the organisation, and by establishing a revised location strategy that was India based on a new Global Delivery Centre for applications. This resulted in 30% of roles in high- cost locations moving to a new global delivery centre in an existing offshore site.