Our Service Model Spans Across

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Consult and Design

We help clients identify emerging areas of business opportunity and provide contextualized insights. We provide a design that’s pivoted around newer way of functioning and realizing your vision using GenZealTM framework and methods.

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Build and Bootstrap

We help you accelarate the velocity of Product / Platform creation and get it first time right with an ecosystem of Gig CxO expert community and industry leading blueprints and components.

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Sustain and Scale

We help you unlock the potential of using Cloud services and software components and Data for scale. We provide you with strategic insights and deep expertise that evolves over a period of time in Continous everything model for sustained value creation.

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Accelerate and Iterate

We help you accelerate your Product journey, identify newer use cases, markets and quick wins along the way in an iterative model that is fit for purpose.

Our core services model is supported by our partnerships, collaborations with the Technology community, Gig economy pool of resources and expertise which are leveraged for scale and depth.

If you (an entrepreneur) already have investors into the business, our process is complementary to your objectives and provide a valuable buffer to manage expectations on strategy and goals – we offer practical advice.

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Digital Advisory & Design

We can help you design and model your digital needs that can unlock, sustainable value for your clients.

  • Multi Cloud transformation Strategy
  • SaaS and Application Platforms Migration
  • IoT product and platform Design and scale
  • IT Strategy and Transformation
  • Automation and Productivity and Operations
  • Product and IP Business Case Validations Definition
  • Digital Transformation Blueprints and Roadmap
  • Build vs Buy vs Consumption model analysis
  • Carveouts and Divestitures, Portfolio Value Creation for Private Equity
  • Post-Merger Integration and Transaction Advisory

Digital & Technology Transformation Services

We help you build and scale digital technology products to align with your client and market needs and help you create future-ready business capabilities.

  • SaaS Product Engineering
  • Analytics and AI
  • AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Cybersecurity
  • Micro services and API
  • Products and Platforms sustenance and Re engineering
  • Systems and Software Components Design
  • Software Frameworks
  • Data Engineering Practices
  • E Commerce Product Development
  • Code Restructuring and Re Factoring
  • IoT Platform Scaling and Security